Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MMA pro fighter

Facebook - MMA Pro Fighter
Lately, action movies start to be popular and a lot of people are looking to Martial Arts. All this of this had led to the release of a new Facebook game, MMA Pro Fighter, created by PlayFish (created much successful Facebook game, which consists of EA Sports Fifa Superstars & Restaurant City).
My fighter is definitely not as good of most others’, but I’m quite sure that I’m coming up soon. Those whom have been following my blog would know that I’m someone who like to share, especially when it comes to Facebook game which allows me to spend/waste time rather than stoning in office. All right, let’s talk about some of the stuffs that I have discovered during the past few days playing the game.
First, the attribute points that you gained from leveling up which allows you to improve your fighter’s stats, I’d suggest putting most of them into your Cardio attribute, which allows you to fight more efficiently. Put minority of them into your Health attribute so as to survive longer, as for Stamina, it’s not that essential since 10 points are generated every one minute. Well, what’s the point of being a fighter with high stamina to do training, but can’t survive/win a fight??
Regarding the training sessions that your fighter can take up (they are like jobs in Mafia Wars), the theory stays the same; finish them up to the maximum level (level 3). The more you train, the more tough your fighter will become, not forgetting that by mastering each level, it gives you extra bonus experience and cash as well.
Trainings give you those extra bits of experience and keep your fighter at the highest condition possible. Unlike in other games, it shouldn’t be really wise to train as much as possible since training only gives you experience and levels you up very fast. However, you need money to learn new techniques (and you can get money via fighting only or purchase them for real cash), so a high level doesn’t really mean that you’re a lot better. Only use the training when needed and don’t overdo it!
Start out by focusing your attention on one particular martial art skill tree, as it will make your fighter grow stronger faster, compared to learning a little bit of all skills from different skill tree (Judo, Wrestling, Kick-boxing, etc…). As a beginner, you won’t have enough money to buy all the skills, so choose wisely.
In this game, there are boss fights as well. Try to get your fighter to around 5 levels higher than the boss before fighting it, so that you could have a good chance of winning the fight once and for all without losing.
Try to fight battles with other players who are 2 levels higher than your fighter so as to gain good experience points. Also, do check their constitution as well; those with “Mighty” would usually give you some hell before winning/losing to you. Try to find those who are “weak” or “fat” for some easy win
It’s really difficult to gain money in this game and money is essential for improving your fighting and also getting some boosts, plus that you need some extra money to be able to train.
Most of the money will be won by winning fights, so you should make sure you fight as often as possible and win as much as possible. This will be your main source of income and it’s better to fight for lower rewards than trying to fight against better players and losing, since you’ll have to wait a lot for your health to replenish.
Also, you’re awarded quite well for completing challenges, so make sure you visit that page often and claim your rewards.
That’s all I got for now, please feel free to post your comments on this page!

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